Web application security is an essential part of web application development. As an owner of a particular website, you are bound to be aware of this particular fact. Asn it is one of the most important functions that you need to keep in mind so that your website is safe from any kind of malware or viruses.

Traditionally whenever online security is being talked about, normal people tend to understand it as being network security or security of an operating system. However, when the current trend of web applications is being discussed, the kind of security that first comes to mind is bound to be ‘cybersecurity’. This is, by the way, a term which is not as modern as it seems, it has been there since the 1990s, since the very advent of the internet.

No matter if you are interested in traditional software development, or custom software development, security will and should always be a priority for you.

In the present time, security is given the importance that it deserves. Use of web applications ensures the fact that both the individual and the business can simplify and ease up the entire process, can make use of a limited amount of resources to get a lot of work done and at the same time, achieve the objectives much faster than it was once possible to.

A few changes that have been brought upon, since the introduction of web applications. No matter, if you make the decision to hire software developers or invest money in software development services, imbibing this technology will prove profitable for your business. Following are a few of those changes:

  • First and foremost there will absolutely be no need for any kind of warehouses so that the paperwork can be organized properly. Making use of web applications means that everything can be automatically arranged and maintained.
  • Most marketing strategies involve the use of the internet, as the use of social media, has become a very common practice among even the most popular companies in the world. All these have become possible only because of the decision of migrating to web applications.
  • Customer service in the past basically involved a specific phone number, in which the user had to call and then let their query know to a customer service executive. After the introduction of web applications, customer service is being provided to users through a website.

No matter how advanced technology gets, it is not possible that a particular website will remain a hundred per cent secure from any kind of online threats. Even if not advanced security, websites, require at least a form of basic security.

Finally, it is time, to shed light upon the main purpose of this blog, which is to enlighten you about a few tips, which you must keep in mind at all cost, to ensure that official website of your business is free from all kinds of security threats. 

Tips to Remember for Web Application Security

  • Think about security in the developmental stage

Precaution is better than cure is a statement that cannot be any more true than it is in the care of security. The best thing you can do for securing your webs applications is to ensure security in the stages of development itself. The first stage of creating a web application is obviously to hire web developers to perform the job for you.

The amount of security a particular team of developers can offer depends on the experience and expertise of the developers. A team of experts will develop the application in such a way that you will not have to worry about security in the later stages of development.

  • Remember to prioritise injection and input validation

The best way to to take advantage of this tip is to make sure that you consider all inputs to be hostile until you are sure that they are otherwise. Input validation ensures the fact that only properly formed data is being passed through a specific workflow in a web app. The benefit of this scenario is that it prevents any kind of corrupted data from being processed and affect the downstream components.

Some popular types of input validations are:

  • Data type validation, which makes sure that the parameters are taken into consideration are of the correct type- like text, numeric, etc.
  • Data value validation, which basically makes sure that data meets the proper format guidelines, like XML or JSON.
  • Data format validation is an input which ensures that parameters meet the expectations about the lengths and ranges of values.

There is so much more, where the above information came from. The main thing that you need to keep in mind about this is that you need to make use of both syntactical and semantic approaches while validating the inputs.

  • Encrypt your valuable data

This process is perhaps one of the most popular processes of ensuring security. Encryption is a process, which even the people who have no idea about web development know about. It is basically an encoding process to protect information from being exposed to anybody who does not have authorized access.

  • Make sure you are careful about security misconfigurations

As it is apparent from this blog, there exists a huge number of ways, in which a particular web server provides security, so at the same time, it is equally important that you do not get confused in any manner. There are a few minor points, which if forgotten can affect your security measures. Some of them are:

  • Forgetting to protect directories and files from being served.
  • Using defunct and old software libraries.
  • Making use of security protocols which are outdated


The above blog is a detailed discussion about how you can successfully maintain the security of your web application. You need to be sure that you have ample amount of resources before you start working on the security of your web applications. This is because security is a delicate issue and should be dealt with expertise and preparation. A tiny mistake can create a breach into the security of your web app.