A week after Christmas, it’s finally time to celebrate and embrace New Year. Like Christmas with itself brings lots of responsibilities, of course, we all have a lot of fun with family friends celebrating eating and just roaming around in the city and join the local staff especially made for Christmas now it is time to switch to a different year and celebrate the new year with the same spirit and similar to Christmas New Year with itself brings the responsibility of a party to celebrate the new year and I know of course you all have a hard time planning new year parties, that can be sorted if you follow the list given below – 

1) The Cakes and Chandeliers 

One of the most important things that come to party planning is the right choice of cake and a beautiful chandelier above your seating area and a dining table that will add a lot of looks to your house and because of the decorated chandelier, you can hide the many imperfections in the house. And make sure to purchase a chandelier cum candle hanger so that you can place candles above it, this will also save you space on the dining table and it’ll stay clean and some artificial flower tassels around those chandeliers would be a nice option, but you free to go for natural flowers as well artificial once a good because nobody is allergic to them. 

The next part of your New Year party is none other than the cake. Now, these people are tired of eating the same boring Chocolate, Black forest, white forest, and red velvet.  They are looking for something exquisite and something out of the line, but it has to be tasty otherwise this particular step can make or break your reputation in a second. So a happy New Year cake will be yet another statement of your new year’s party so make sure that this is the best cake both in design and flavor. Some of the best and most selling New Year cakes which are equally tasty are champagne buttercream, good luck almond, orange and brandy, pink champagne, chocolate cherry, vasilopita, strawberry champagne, honey, honey and spice, pound cake, etc. 

2) The Classic combination of Porcelain, Victorian Crockery

Now that you have covered the decoration parts, there comes yet another decorating area which includes the dining table. The food indeed has to be tasty but it becomes tasty year when it is soft in beautiful porcelain dishes. Now you can buy any one of your choices and the best part about porcelain is that it isn’t as fragile as crockery and has a lot of designs that’ll match with your interiors. 

Your porcelain dishes become a classic combination when you add some Victorian crockery to it need not be exactly Victorian it has to be in the pattern of the Victorian era because they had soft floral prints that leave a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind. You will need Victorian cups and saucers if your party starts at the daybreak or around 4 pm, to begin with, tea. 

3) Flowers and Carpets 

This is the last and most important thing that will finally leave you with a lasting impression on others and you would be satisfied with the work you have pulled off in such a limited time. It is none other than contrast colored carpets and curtains and if you want something special then you must go for the embroidered comfort because they look stunning on the floor you can also go for regular for shaggy carpets. Last but not least is flowers. One of the most important things, when you are planning a party, is that to keep in mind what your guests would be comfortable with and you need to think from their point of view of course and decor can we ask you wanted to be but the food and flowers have to be something that your guests would adore. here comes your responsibility as a friend and as the host of a party to keep your guests comfortable and make sure that is there allergic with natural flowers then you should I will go for the ones which do not have any pollens in it or rather go for the artificial ones and turn on the essential oil lamp for beautiful fragrance across the house. And this is where the online flower delivery in Bangalore services come to your rescue these people have everything starting from artificial flowers, floral tassels, room decor items and giveaways you name it and they have it. Now there are two options that you have when you are planning a party you can either go with contrast colors you can decorate with color-blocked curtains and prints. 

So to plan a perfect New year’s party you need to send at first the invites and if you are a guest then make sure that you do reply to the host because they will be in charge of food and if you cancel or barge in last minute it would be complicated for the host. And as a host, you must make sure that you have asked your caterer to have extra food prepared for any guests that might come last minute. 

Beware of cheap flower delivery in Bangalore because sometimes they are fake and might not deliver the order you want. So make sure to use those flower delivery services that your friends or family members must have shopped personally and you are aware that the website or the shop does exist.

Also, make sure to order your new years cake a week before and also have an extra one prepared in case if something goes wrong with your cake last minute.