Music has no language, because it is a feeling. You don’t have to understand the language sometimes, the music and the tone and the emotion behind the song is enough for you to connect with it, isn’t it? Music has a power which can soothe a broken heart, make you laugh at times when you seem sad, and bring life to a party.

We can never thank enough for all the people who are part of creating a beautiful melodious tune. Musicians are one of the greatest artists in this world.

But even the world of music has competition, severe one. So, if you are a musician or you are embarking on this journey, you need to think big and digital when it comes to promoting your brand, because your music is a brand. If you want more clients to work with and more customers to listen to your music, you need a website. Why? It is because having a digital platform which can connect you with a lot of people, which works as a portfolio for you, and provides a place where people can reach you is necessary in today’s digital world.

Not convinced? Well, let’s look at some more reasons why you need a website for your music career.

  • A music website has all the information that anyone who wants to know your music will need to learn.
  • A website URL is simple, which makes it easier for people to find it, in comparison to social media searches.
  • It is your portfolio showing how serious you are about your craft
  • It is a place to share and sell your music, merchandise, and more.
  • Now, let’s move on to tips that you need to know to design an attractive website.

1.      Have an informative home page

The home page is the most essential because this is where all the magic happens. It is the page where most people will come on, and they should be able to find information about the band, its albums, tour date, and more. The customers and clients alike should be able to see a small bio of the musician and more.

Even journalists would use the information you have on this page for their reports, and more, so keep it updated. Moreover, have a logo on the right top side of the website, because even musicians need a logo. To design a simple yet classy logo, use a logo maker tool.

Lastly, have a CTA, like check our latest song or buy our album so that people can interact with your content. Don’t clutter the home page, but do make the design easy to navigate and interlink it with other pages.

2.      Have professional photos

For your website, you would need images of yourself or the band which the website designer can put in the background, in the about us page, and more. You are the face of the brand, so having professional photos are imperative.

Hire a professional because that is the quality you need to promote your craft. Take a variety of pictures so that you can cover all your bases.

Also, wherever you go on press tours or release, make sure you have tons of images clicked, edit them using Canva and add them to your website. Moreover, have some fund BTS videos and images on your website as well. You can create a separate page for only images which have BTS, tour images, concert images, and more.

3.      Have simple but aesthetically pleasing website

A music lover is not looking for a fancy or complicated website, so keep this in mind while designing it. Whether you design it yourself using WordPress or hire a professional, try to design a site which has simple elements so that a listener can find an album or latest release or tour photographs with ease.

Simple doesn’t mean boring, you can have a stellar background, colour, impressive icons or so on. Just keep them simple, don’t complicate the site using too many features.

4.      Design an about us page

In your home page, there was brief information about you, but your listeners deserve more. They would be curious to know who you are, how you started your career, what milestones you have achieved, and more. So, design an artist bio page that deals with all this stuff.

5.      Add a page for videos and music

If you have music videos, add them to your website. Or if you have only audio, embed them in the website through music streaming platforms like Spotify, and more. It is a vital part of the website because it gives the visitors a chance to look at your music and listen to it before proceeding to buy it.

Yes, have a link for buying the music as well. Keep in mind that the audio or video should not start automatically that will startle the listeners and they might not like it.

6.      Put thought into your color scheme

The website’s colour scheme is just as important as any other part of designing a site. So, find a colour scheme that goes with your brand and your music. To simplify this process, stick to three colours. The first colour should emote your music and the warmth you want to bring to people. The second one should be something that contrasts with the first one, and the third colour needs to be an accent one which compliments the other two colours and which you can use in text or so.

7.      Social media buttons

Your website should have a social sharing button so that listeners can share your music links or images directly to their social media platform. It is a great way to promote your website and music because everyone is on social media, and it provides you with an amazing platform to expose your brand.

Also, have a presence on social media. Share images, live recording sessions, and more on it to connect with people and refer them to the website. Use Canva to design for your social media so that each image you post has a consistent feel.

Music is ethereal and with so many people making good music out there, you need to take help of digital technology to reach people who would appreciate your music. So, use these tips to design a great website.